Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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As you can see I have to get used to this whole blog thing.
The 1st picture is of David Axelrod taken after his one off London show last year. The reason I have started with these two images is because they were to hand, in the future I will post as many photos as I can as well as mp3's/images etc. I may contribute words from time to time but that is not my primary purpose for this blog, I have no pretentions that I may have a latent journalistic talent or that the world needs to know what I had for breakfast.

By the way Convivencia means "living together" and refers to: "The Peaceful and Productive Co-existence of Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Medieval Spain:

"What can explain the unusual co-existence of Jews, Muslims and Christians in Spain in the Middle Ages? It was the height of la Reconquista, eight centuries of war over the control of the Spanish peninsula. Muslims and Christians were fighting in Spain, and in the east for Jerusalem in the Crusades. And throughout Europe Jews were being confined to small quarters and denied almost all trades. Yet in Spain, members of the three cultures spoke each others' languages, shared their philosophies and theologies, their science and their cultures. It was "an interplay and fusion of social and cultural forces" unique in the medieval world (Crow, 1985)."

The title I chose has nothing really to do with the content of this blog I just like the word & what it represents. It seems unlikely but I hope in the future this level of tolerance & progressive sharing of ideas can somehow be acheived again.

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